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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Things I'm Enthusiastic About Right Now

1) Women for Women International, which matches sponsors with war survivors who are struggling to rebuild their lives.

2) These two t-shirts.

3) This sticker (shout-out to Juniperus for bringing it to my attention). I will be buying one when they're back in stock.

4) "Phantom Queen" perfume oil (another shout-out to Juniperus, who sent me a lovely package full of BPAL imps, is in order here)

5) The cafe which is on a direct bus line from my apartment and has free internet service for customers, as well as a BookCrossing shelf. (Credit goes to Morgan and Bellwether for this one.)

6) Speaking of which, I just learned of a bookcrossing technique that consists of throwing securely Ziploced paperbacks into bodies of water, so that they later wash up elsewhere to be discovered. This, of course, means that I have to try it. I think I might have mentioned that I'm obsessed?

7) This calendar, a rainbow of wet-erase markers, and matching, self-adhesive marker holsters. I think I also might have mentioned my office-supply gluttony? And my need to get my life in order? Well, maybe I can put my vice to good use this time.