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Friday, February 23, 2007

How can we reward ourselves?

I'm trying to learn to be more, uh, "positive."

(Brief pause to accommodate the gag reflex I instantly feel as images of glittery pom-poms, powdery candy hearts, and punchy motivational speakers dance through my head.)

Sorry 'bout that. I think I might have to come up with a different word.

While I consult the thesaurus, I'm also consulting you. I'm trying to come up with small ways to reward myself for minor accomplishments. I have a feeling that I might actually be a lot more productive if I weren't always so hard on myself that I simply dismiss whatever I do manage to accomplish as having been unimportant. And maybe there are a few other people like me reading this blog, too.

So, what are your suggestions? How do you reward yourself? How do people you know reward themselves? All comments are welcome, but rewards that don't involve food, don't take up more than an hour, and don't cost more than $10 will be especially helpful.