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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mouse update

This has been a good morning for Mouse. Maybe he is happy with me that I finally woke up before 6am when he wanted me to.

Since the Rodent Incident, Mouse has been jumpy about being off the floor, about sitting in my lap, about being picked up, and about seeing my face close to his. But this morning, we have had lap time! We have had a Couch Expedition and a Bed Expedition and a Window-Sill Expedition! We have had snuggling-while-being-held time!

He got a little annoyed when I took out the camera in an attempt to commemorate the event, though. I guess that was pushing things a bit too far. This was the best picture I could manage this morning.

Incidentally, an Anglo-Saxonly gifted friend has decided that Mouse's Germanic Epic Name is Mus Musbana: "Mouse, the Bane (or Slayer) of Mice."