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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Stupid pet supplies, entry #1

Check this out. I saw one of these on sale at a local pet store yesterday and nearly fell over.

The idea of "spreading litter evenly" may sound reasonable until you think about it for, say, 5 seconds. Particularly since, if you really feel the compulsive need to spread your cat's litter evenly, you can do it with any old straight-edged, plastic scoop. Why in the world would these people have come up with a "scalloped edge" on a litter scoop?

What this ad doesn't tell you (perhaps because the owners of the site were too ashamed to leave it in) is that the actual product labeling enthusiastically notes that you can "sculpt" the litter with this "litter rake."


Folks, this is cat litter we're talking about here, not a Zen garden.

But wait: is this "litter rake" actually a material-culture koan disguised as a stupid pet supply?