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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some stuff I did today

1) Gave all my students their paper grades, but not everyone got their papers back with comments. So I still have some of those to do tomorrow, along with the exam they took this morning.

2) Spent a lot of time looking at this site as a way of trying to console myself for Mouse's behavior last night, which included forgetting to hate me briefly (and purring contentedly) until he turned around and saw my face, at which point he fled in a panic, giving me an unintentional puncture wound in the process.

3) Tried to work on writing up some comments for the remaining paper, but quickly recognized that I was too brain-dead to make any sense.

4) Fell asleep on the grad lounge couch for about 3 1/2 hours. My apologies to those of you who had to put up with me sleeping in the middle of your workspace.

5) Had a meeting with Dr. Ms. (whom I've named in honor of her most prominent in-office magazine subscription), who pretty much confirmed my view of everything I talked about today and therefore made me feel quite validated. I realize this won't happen every session, so I'm trying to savor it while it lasts.

6) Bought some inexpensive, but probably inappropriate shoes (they have sequins on them). I'm waiting to see what my guilt index is like on this particular issue tomorrow in order to decide whether I ought to return them.

7) Came home and fed Mouse tuna under the bed while reading the copy of The New Our Bodies, Ourselves I found under my nightstand. I was hoping he'd come out to socialize. He didn't, but he sure did like the tuna. In the morning, I'll just place his food bowl so he'll have to come out when he gets hungry.

8) Washed some dishes because my dishwasher is still broken and I haven't had time to call the landlord to talk to him about it again.

9) Caught up with two friends over the phone.

10) Fretted about finding a roommate and cleaning off the patio.

11) Felt simultaneously grateful and overwhelmed by having three summer jobs lined up, all of which are actually relevant to my work. The overwhelmed part dovetails nicely with the realization that yes, I do actually still have to write a prospectus this summer, too.

And very shortly, I'm going to go to bed and stay there until I wake up, without setting an alarm. I'm exhausted. Two periods of nocturnal activity hosted by my grumpy Mouse have left me completely worn out, despite my long nap this afternoon.