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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Sappy Day! Or, a Single Cat Lady's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

Okay, even my cynicism and indignation at the national guilt-trip for the unhitched that Valentine's Day has become quails in the face of this story.


(Maybe it's more palatable to me because it involves skeletons? I do admit to being somewhat morbid at times.)

In other news, when I wake up in the morning, I am driving Boy Roomie's car straight to one of these places to buy myself some lovely things, chief among them being bath bombs, so as to offer myself a long, luxurious soak at the end of the day. I will then proceed to purchase a large box of chocolates and, if they can be found, a bouquet of daffodils. I may even surprise myself with another nice thing or two, though my credit card balances may suffer for it.

Work will wait until I have wooed myself as I deserve to be wooed.

I also will re-read the beautiful "Valentine" that Beautiful Boss gave me today--a compilation of nice things my co-workers had to say about me--and listen to the CD she burned for me. Have I mentioned how beautiful she is?

And I will also spread about a few very silly, very fourth-grade Valentine's stickers featuring absolutely horrendous puns. And send messages to all the people I love most in the world to tell them I love them and to all the wonderful single people I can think of to tell them they're wonderful.

Armed with such powerful magics, I hope to make it through the commercialized onslaught of hetero-normative, pre-fabricated, blood-diamond-sponsored, "old-maid"-outing, "Take-Back-the-Date"-promoting, self-righteous-coupledom-celebrating crap we'll inevitably find waiting to ambush us in the likeliest and unlikeliest of places.

Here's hoping yours is a good one!