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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Going on leave

I'm taking a break from this here blog. I don't know for how long: maybe pretty much permanently.

It's the traditional time of the year for reconsiderations, and I'm doing a bit of that sort of thing in general. In particular, though, I'm thinking about pulling up stakes here. I'm just not sure that the site is doing what it used to for me or for anyone else. The blogosphere has changed--becoming something rather more official, high-profile, and authoritative than it used to be--and while I'm pleased and inappropriately proud to see many blogs coming into their own, I'm not sure that mine either is or can be one of them. Furthermore, while maintaining my anonymity is a professional necessity, smoothing out the telling personal details used to be less of a barrier to saying what I want to say than it's increasingly becoming.

And there's other stuff demanding my attention--like that pesky dissertation.

I'll still be lurking around here and there, and you may well see my name attached to some comments or even see some changes to this site, but I won't be posting at least for a while.