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Monday, March 19, 2007

A few announcements

1) Yes, I'm still alive. It's just that trying to reorganize several major areas of your life that you've neglected for years at a time takes a lot of work.

2) I have re-discovered the deep joy of examination copies as I've been prepping to overhaul some classes for next year. It took a lot of research and a fair amount of letter writing, emailing, and faxing, but I have a fair number of very exciting books on the way to me in the mail. This gig does have some perks.

3) I am thoroughly obsessed with Book Crossing: it is a tremendous amount of fun.

4) I managed to give a reasonably successful conference paper during the last little while. I was shocked.

5) Boy Roomie is a genius. Evidence: during the past two weeks, he bought me a copy of William Shatner's "Has Been" and two boxes of the Best Girl Scout Cookies on Earth (which are, of course, Samoas).

Currently listening to: Niamh Parsons, "Two Sisters"; King Crimson, "Court of the Crimson King"