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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A very boring little post about having a decent day.

This was a long day, but it also was a pretty decent one. After my mid-day paleography class, I had a good talk with Famous Paleographer, and I think he believes I'm not a total idiot. Now, let's see if I can keep him under that impression by passing the course exam.

Then, along with Map and The General, I helped give Morgan a mock exam. She's gonna kick ass on the real thing.

Then I met up with an out-of-town friend for coffee and a bit of a chat: it was wonderful to see him and do some catching up!

And bus karma was with me, so I still got my butt into the dojang on time.

Master Fuzzy Slippers is kinda giving me a hard time lately: he singles me out in front of the entire class pretty often, these days. But I think it's because he's noticed I'm discouraged and unfocused and need to be forced back into line. He is right. It didn't bother me so much tonight, because I was able to correct the mistakes I was making after he reprimanded me. (Unlike Saturday's sparring class. And also unlike Tuesday night, when I was just a total dumbass and couldn't pull it together on much of anything and made everybody have to do 40 push-ups because I couldn't get my sparring gear on fast enough.)

It also helped that we worked on basics tonight--the mechanics of punching combinations and kicks and grappling techniques--which made me feel much more like I had a chance at figuring out how to get better. So that was good.

And Master Fuzzy even obliquely praised me at one point, because he gestured in my direction when he was talking about students who come to the dojang not assuming that they know everything and who are humble and willing to listen.

So that was okay.

And then I felt very virtuous because I stayed after to use the exercise bike and practice my kicking mechanics for about an extra hour.

And then I felt kinda cool because, despite having locked myself out of the apartment building and despite an uncooperative call box that wouldn't let me buzz Boy Roomie to let me in (and yes, I am still sans cell phone), I successfully scaled the security fence back into our apartment complex--in a pair of flip-flops!

So I'm going to bed while I'm still ahead. I will just get up early to grade those quizzes.