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Monday, September 05, 2005

Mary Landrieu wants to punch Bush, and so do I

Boy Roomie and I don't really have any television coverage to speak of: no cable and really spotty local reception. So I'm learning about Katrina mostly online. Here's some of what I'm seeing:


NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- On his arrival here, Bush went to the Bethany World Prayer Center, a huge hall half covered with pallets and half filled with dining tables. Several people ran up to meet him as he and first lady Laura Bush wandered around the room. But just as many hung back and just looked on.

"I'm not star-struck. I need answers," said Mildred Brown, who has been there since Tuesday with her husband, mother-in-law and cousin. "I'm not interested in hand-shaking. I'm not interested in photo ops. This is going to take a lot of money."

Full story here.

This also links to a video of Bush's apperance, in which (to me, at least) he looks alternately nervous and defiant, works his jaw and repeats himself a lot, and keeps commenting about how the national response of "churches, synagogues, and mosques" has been outstanding.

In the midst of all this, he's still pushing that "Thousand Points of Light" crap about how we're supposed to depend upon faith-based organizations to handle all our social problems? He's still trying to pretend that his Small Government Doctrine makes sense when it's precisely that kind of thinking which led to the disrepair of the levees and the abandonment of the people of New Orleans to the care of local goverments disabled by the storm fallout?

I knew he was a moron; apparently, he also has no shame.


NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- There may be no better way to explain the desperation on the city's ravaged streets than this: In the past few days, two police officers took their own lives and dozens have turned in their badges.

New Orleans Deputy Police Chief W.J. Riley on Sunday identified two officers who committed suicide as Sgt. Paul Accardo, the department's spokesman, and Patrolman Lawrence Celestine. He called both "outstanding cops" and friends.

"Both of them," he said, shaking his head slowly. "Used their own guns."

Full story here.


NEW ORLEANS (BBC) -- The Superintendent of the New Orleans police department, Eddie Compass, has warned people remaining in the city to leave.

"Our officers are basically telling people there is absolutely no reason to stay here... We advise people that this city has been destroyed."

. . . The president's suggestion over the weekend that local officials made mistakes has led one Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu, to threaten to punch him if he says it again.

Full story here.