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Friday, September 02, 2005

That's it. He really is a jackass.

The more I read about Bush's reaction to Katrina, the angrier I get, and the more inadequate I feel my understated comment in the entry below was. So let me just say:

He stayed on vacation for the first day of the disaster? He didn't even make a speech (and a real humdinger of a lame-ass one, at that) until 48 hours after the levees broke? He's making comments about how he's going to sit on the porch of Trent Lott's re-built home? Dude! We're not worried about Trent Lott's ass being able to re-build his stupid house, which was probably an obscene, plantation-style eyesore anyway. We're worried about all the thousands of people who never owned a house in the first damn place and, in fact, didn't even own a goddamn car and therefore were unable to evacuate when all hell broke loose. Where the hell are your priorities, you idiot? We're talking about an entire major city lying in ruins, here! A city that will never be the same again; that it'll take years--maybe even decades--to rebuild. We don't give a shit about Trent Lott's house, and neither should you. We really don't give a damn whether you and your cronies have a place to drink your mint juleps in the near future.

Honestly, I've never been so shocked or terrified that this is the guy who runs our country. And that's saying a lot.