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Sunday, August 14, 2005

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

And I have sowed waaaay the hell too much work and not enough sleep in the past week, so what I reaped was a really narsty sickness of some kind, starting Thursday night, but really settling in with a vengeance on Friday. We're talking about a fever that seems to increase from around mid-day to early evening, incredibly sore throat, body aches, chills, and now some truly vicious lower-back pain that appears (since a massage yesterday did bupkiss for it) to be non-muscular and therefore, potentially internal.


Let's just hope the generally incompetent folks at the generally inadequate student health service can figure out how to make me better tomorrow. Because the only way I could get someone to see me today would be to go to the ER, and I know what would happen then: six hours sitting (which is excruciating for me right now), then getting sent home with a $30 prescription and charged $250 for hospital fees.

Ain't our health care system just fantastic?

In addition to being grumped out about my health care non-coverage, I am also in mourning over have to miss out on a 5pm showing of "Wrath of Khan" today, because sitting through the whole movie is clearly an impossibility. Dammit!

Good things, however:

--Geek Boy is lovely and came over on both Friday and Saturday nights with DVDs to entertain me, despite the possibility of catching whatever version of the Plague I seem to have contracted. DVDs and snuggling are definitely good medicine.
--Boy Roomie is lovely and has promised to take my invalid ass to the grocery store later today.
--Mouse is, of course, always lovely, but he's also very happy with me, because I am home all the time now and he can jump into bed with me for hours at a time.
--My students are extra-lovely: when I couldn't come in on Friday and the Nameless Summer Program office didn't get my messages, my class decided to just run a discussion anyway, using the template I usually use. And they stayed the whole two hours without a break! How cool is that?