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Friday, July 29, 2005

Notice: Wendy McClure rocks.

Perhaps you have seen the now-famous vintage Weight Watchers cards she so brilliantly annotated.

Perhaps you have occasionally read her blog.

Perhaps you have even read her book.

But until you have read this post, you will not know how much Wendy McClure truly rocks, because in this post, she totally kicks the ass of a jerk by the name of Richard Roeper (yes, that Richard Roeper) who said some dead-stupid things about the Dove Campaign for True Beauty ads. Here's a brief sample:

"We never asked you what your fantasies were to begin with, and in fact we wouldn't give a shit about your fantasies if you hadn’t published a petulant half-assed half-column about how icky the Dove women are for not fulfilling them."

Oh, come on now. You know you want to read some more of that!