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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Good tidings of great joy

The new furniture I ordered from Target came today, and I'm happily using the new desk, which I spent a loooong time building today; far too long away from what I should have been doing, in fact. But I refuse to feel bad about it, seeing as how this now means I will be able to work in my bedroom and actually get stuff done, rather than worrying about whether I can manage to put more than a single sheet of paper on the desk next to my computer. In fact, I can even fit my editor's desk from Levenger on top of it!

Note the wonderful little shelf/storage unit on the wall there, too. That's thanks to IKEA, and it took even longer to put together than the desk did. Still, worth every minute: I can store everything that was in my old desk, along with some extra items, and there's room on top of the unit for things like a clock that were cluttering up my even smaller desktop before.

Hooray for relatively inexpensive, assembly-required furniture!

Every time I look in my room, I feel so ridiculously happy.