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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is one guy who actually should quit his day job

I do actually have things to blog about. I could, for example, write about the ridiculous--but extremely cute--polka-dotted rockabilly dress I bought for less than $20, because there's always room for frivolity here at Chez Wiseass. But I'll spare you. Oh, wait: I didn't spare you, after all, did I? Heh.

Anywhoo, settling back in and taking care of all the things that need doing after a month away has been pretty time-consuming. Thanks to everyone who's sent good and encouraging wishes my way. And thanks to those who responded to my last post--I'll be getting to that blogroll clean-up soon.

Meanwhile, here's something to brighten your day: car-phone salesman Paul Potts's winning performance on "Britain's Got Talent" (Hat tip to Owlfish). I just keep watching this and getting goosebumps. Honestly, this almost makes up for all the exploitative crap we see on most of these talent shows.

Watch it here.