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Monday, May 14, 2007

Heading out

Well, I'm headed in the general direction of large, scary libraries tomorrow night. I've done very nearly all my packing, but I have an insanely long list of errands to run and documents to finish before I leave. Not sure how it's going to happen. In fact, some of it just might not happen, and that'll have to be okay.

Boy Roomie has been very nice to me the last few days, buying me dinner to send me off and letting me borrow his car so I could pick up letters of endorsement from Prof. Gravitas's house this afternoon. And he's topping it all off by taking me to the airport tomorrow and looking after Mouse. I will have to find something especially nice to bring back for him.

I'm going to miss Mousie terribly, and I think he can tell I'm packing up to leave, because he's being especially clingy today. For that matter, maybe I'm being especially clingy, too.

I did finally decide not to take my computer with me: I'm already overloaded and I just don't want to worry about having it stolen or damaged while I'm traveling. So, while I'll check in at least a couple of times to respond to important emails, I'm not sure I'll be making any blog posts until I return during the first full week of June. So, in case I don't talk to y'all for a while, thanks for all your encouragement during the past month and take good care of yourselves!

Mmmkay. I have to get in bed now so I can get at least three or four hours of sleep and get in a few more snuggles with the fur child before tackling all this stuff tomorrow. G'night.