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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

K'zoo packing list

Okay, I have gotten so much advice on what I ought to bring (or not bring) to K'zoo in order to survive in the dorms and elsewhere that my head is spinning. So I'm going to make a very completist list here for my own reference, hoping that it might be useful to others, as well.

--bedside lamp or reading light of some kind
--shower shoes
--light blanket
--pillowcase (and maybe sheets? maybe even a pillow?)
--a pair or two of flats that will fit neatly into a handbag, in case my new pairs of heels make my feet hurt
--shoe inserts
--anti-skid adhesives for shoe bottoms (last three items because, apparently, the buildings are very spread out, making for lots of walking)
--raincoat (last two items included because says it's going to be drizzly)
--clear nail polish (to stop runs in hose)
--sunblock (last three items included because anecdotal evidence points to occasional, surprise heat waves and I am a pasty-pale, light-sensitive, cave-dweller type)
--alarm clock
--layer-able clothing (because it looks as though the weather will be as hot as the 70s and as cold as the 30s while we're there)
--plastic bags
--travel iron
--extra undies, socks, and pairs of hose
--CD Walkman (because I can't afford an iPod), headphones, CDs
--extra batteries for everything

Anybody want to add anything?