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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, Kalamazoo!!

Mom has, sadly, returned to Old Home Sod. And Boy Roomie is abroad. If I weren't so damned busy getting ready for K'zoo, I'd feel lonesome. As it is, poor Mousie is the one feeling lonely, while I toil away on campus in a desperate attempt to get ready for the conference, meet with students to discuss papers,* prepare a paleography report, grade quizzes, plan a class, meet with my substitute, send a blizzard of emails, write up a packing list (I packed once last night and am going to have to re-pack after seeing the weather report), gather last-minute information, make last-minute plans for dinners and meetings and shindigs, and--yes, at some point--actually start revising my 20-some page paper into a 9-page talk. Lordy.

The thought of how much fun I'm going to have meeting people and seeing friends and listening to fantastic talks is floating me through the preparations, grueling as they are, with something much akin to glee. It also puts me in a fine mood that this has replaced this as my mental soundtrack. And that is not even to mention the prospect of The Dance! Or The Fabulous Black Pantsuit of Power! Or The Shoes, which are, hands down, the most gorgeous pair I have ever owned and which I will unveil at the conference. I am so proud of those shoes that I would gladly post a photo of them here, but they are so superlatively marvelous, memorable, and noticeable that I'm afraid the image would give away my sekrit identity. So only a select few will be fortunate enough to see these aesthetic marvels on my newly-pedicured tootsies.

Needless to say, things will probably continue to be quiet on this here blog. I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting many of you at K'zoo and will promise the rest of you an insider's account of the mystery-shrouded ritual that causes hundreds of medievalists in garb of varying anachronicity and newfanglenesse to shake their individual and collective booties on the dance floor.

* Yes. On a weekend. And yes, I prophetically heard your cries of dismay through the computer screen while I typed this.