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Monday, May 15, 2006

In which I am kinda screwed and very tired, but still have good news to share

Ack. It is after 2am, and I'm going to have to give up and go to bed for about three hours, having completed almost none of what's due tomorrow, though I have very nearly managed to make some sense of the disorder that had invaded the entire apartment, send out a raft of overdue thank-you notes, nake a couple of summer job inquiries, and put out a few more fires.

Before I collapse though, I thought I really ought to note a few pieces of good news:

1) I got a travel grant for next year! It wasn't all I asked for, but it will still be enough to let me look at some key primary sources and catch up with Kindly Prof, who will be out of the country. This is lovely.

2) I made iced tea!

3) Boy Roomie made cookies!

Okay. Bed now. And let's hope I can muster the focus to put together a creditable study guide, plan a class, and grade a set of short papers in about six hours' time tomorrow. Lord a' mercy.