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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tip test

I took my tip test today: just a miniaturized version of what I will do for my actual belt test next month, but still stressful enough. My punches and kicks look weak, and I think I probably really ought to be lifting weights soon: I just have so little power. I also need to work on the finer points of my first half-form, which I keep trying to make look like ballet. But I passed.

As she put the tip mark on my belt at the end of class, my instructor said "Never forget where you started."

And I said, "Absolutely, ma'am."

Whereupon I promptly screwed up on the proper bowing protocol, which I thought was pretty neatly ironic.

Sigh. I am not at my best these days, at anything. I'm just too exhausted and demoralized.

So I'm going back to bed now, and I will wake up when I'm ready. Then I will do some work tonight and go back to bed again. And I'll start over tomorrow.