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Monday, February 20, 2006

Soft-style / hard-style?

Several of you have been requesting more martial arts stories, and I certainly have been remiss in that arena lately. I can't yet offer you much in the way of profundity, but I can at least offer an amusing anecdote:

Today's work at the dojang was a very yin/yang experience. The Master had changed the radio station from its usual "lunchtime disco followed by 80s hits" station to one of those "soft-rock" dealios.

So: I cleaned little traces of blood off a mirror to the tune of Barry Manilow's "Weekend in New England."

Later, I transcribed such sentences as "The knife has long been a favorite tool for silent interdiction," phrases like "tearing flesh with bare hands," and--my favorite--an injunction to "field-dress a beef carcass in a standard military jacket" to the accompaniment of Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" and that evergreen horror of condescending schmaltz, Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings."

To top it all off, the Master was wearing a pair of fuzzy, leopard-print slippers today.