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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Computing advances, dyspeptic dilemmas, and a Johari window

Thanks to the good offices of Boy Roomie, my computer is fixed. All hail Boy Roomie!

Of course, I'm so far behind in what I'd meant to get done that I literally feel ill. And the expensive registration-and-plane-ticketing process for Kalamazoo--which just dramatically increased my credit-card debt--isn't helping matters, either. In fact, I could really use some antacids right about now. But dammit, my computer's working, and that is cause for much rejoicing.

So, now that it's working, I'm going to harness its power to put up a Johari Window! Yes, I know I am way behind the curve on this one. Yes, I know this is probably rather self-serving. Yes, I also know that many of you only know me through this blog and that trying to judge a writer's personality via the persona she projects in writing is extremely tendentious stuff we urge all our composition students to avoid. But I'm curious to see whether your text-based (and, for a few of you, your IRL-based) impressions of me match up with my own.

Plus, I've already eaten too many chocolates this weekend. Now I'm forced to move on to shamelessly fishing for compliments as a way of combatting my ever-increasing sense of panic over how little I'm getting done and how much money I keep pouring into my "professional training" with absolutely no guarantee of reasonable results.


Because it cannot be said enough, I will close out this post by repeating: All hail Boy Roomie!

I like living with a scientist.