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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An unpaid, non-celebrity accessory endorsement

If you're in the market for a very presentable bag/briefcase that can accommodate your laptop, will attach neatly over the handles of a rolling bag while you're zipping around airports or bus and train stations, and has loads of nifty, built-in features (my favorite is the easily accessible catch-all bag big enough to hold plenty of change, keys, and cards), you may want to check out this one over at eBags. Especially since it's on sale for $29.99.

In a panic over the scratched-up state of my beloved and recently ailing Vaio, while also realizing that I didn't have a good bag to take to the 'Zoo, I bought mine online Saturday night. It arrived yesterday and it's absolutely splendid. The laptop case is well padded, removable, and has its own handles so it can be carried separately or placed inside another bag; the lining and the laptop case are a nice shade of blue that both looks nice and offers the kind of contrast which guarantees I won't be blindly fishing around in it for things; and it's quite roomy.

Believe me, I have worked my way through a whole lot of bags in my time, and this one is a keeper.