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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Academic Dreams of Imagined Syllabi

Scott's got a post up at Acephalous about signs that you might be an academic.

I think another one is spending lots of time daydreaming about courses you'd really like to teach one day, lovingly imagining syllabi as you sit on the bus, devising teaching approaches to texts you're not yet teaching as you drift off to sleep at night.*

In that vein, I've been thinking for some years now that I'd like to offer a course (preferably as a seminar) titled something like "The History and Ethics of the University."

I have some vague thoughts about what might go on the syllabus for such a course, but I'm curious to hear what you'd include.

Any thoughts?

*I sometimes wonder whether I shouldn't write a postmodern satire on this kind of thing, à la Calvino's Invisible Cities or Lem's Imaginary Magnitude. And then I think I should maybe write a satire about pompous academics who think about writing postmodern satires about syllabi. And then I realize that I really ought to be working on my prospectus.