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Friday, February 03, 2006

Processing . . .

It's been an eventful and exhausting week. More has happened than I can possibly process right now, and I can't blog about most of it, either. Most of these things have been good, but even Good Things can exert violence and create trauma. I'm feeling a little emotionally, uh . . . flayed, I think, is the best word.

So. I do still promise to get back to your earlier comments, because they are interesting and insightful and I care. But, for now, I need to go off somewhere and get re-situated in my own head. I need to go explore the Sensory Deprivation Chamber which Kindly Professor has helped me secure in the library, pull some books of the shelves, do a little work while I let things settle.

I may be back to blog tomorrow or it may well be a few days. But I'm still blog-addicted, so those of you with your own sites can probably still expect to hear from me there, even if I'm not posting here.