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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In which I try to end on a positive note

I forgot to show up for my administrative work session at the dojang yesterday and am feeling like a complete jackass. I also forgot to bring the top half of my dobok to class today. I think it's clear that I'm a little discombobulated: trying to set my prospectus exam date apparently is keeping some neurons from firing.

I will have to make up for Monday's missed hours on Friday, which means I'll be missing a talk by a Very Famous Medievalist that day. If I'm lucky, I may be able to find someone who'll record it for me, and I might even be able to make it up for the reception following the talk.

Things I am having a very hard time learning:
1) To not point my toes
2) To keep a wide stance, instead of pulling my body into one long line
3) To keep my hands in closed fists all the time
4) To not smack myself about the head and shoulders with the nunchuku (it's a good thing mine are padded)
5) To stop closely inspecting in the locker-room mirror how ugly and blotchy my very pale skin gets after strenuous exercise
6) To stop shaking my head and laughing derisively at myself when I mess up
7) To look an opponent in the eye.

One thing I expect to learn pretty quickly:
To hit the punching bag with the two knuckles at the base of my fingers instead of the middle ones. Why? Because I have a nice little hematoma going on my middle left index knuckle today.

One thing I have done I didn't think I could do:
Cartwheels. Mine are pretty half-assed, but still . . . .