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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Comments are cheerfully given and received here at Chez Wiseass!

Nothing very exciting to report today--just lots of administrative crap getting done and lots of feeling painfully tender pretty much everywhere as a result of yesterday's drubbing.

However, I did finally get around to catching up on the comment threads for about the past week. So, if you posted a response to any of my more recent entries, you might find that I've left you a message in the comments.

I've also seen, pretty much everywhere, that it's National Delurking Week. I've already offered one delurking post and don't want to look too attention-starved, but I also don't want to miss out on all the fun. So I'll just admit that I am attention-starved and invite any readers who've been operating in Stealth Mode to introduce themselves. Say hi, y'all!

(Graphic via Paper Napkin, via Dr. V.)

UPDATE: Although it's been declared "National Delurking Week" by the Unseen Powers who declared it, I am re-declaring it "International Delurking Week" in honor of Australian Gillian Polack and any other lurkers from beyond the States (and no, I really didn't mean for that final phrase to sound like the title of a Lovecraft story--it just happened that way).