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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Heading back to Big City

While I've been here, I have:

  1. Spent a fair amount of time with Mom and Dad--and without arguing with Dad about politics once (so far, anyway--knock on wood!).
  2. Visited with a dear little parrot.
  3. Spent some time with Brother and with Sister-in-Law
  4. Bonded with Niece and Nephew Cat, as well as the brand-new Niece Puppy.
  5. Met one of my little cousins for the first time.
  6. Seen many members of my extended family.
  7. Visited twice with Wonder Woman, her mom (my aunt), her husband, and her little ones. She has a spinal tap coming up soon; chemo will follow. She seems remarkably strong and sassy, but I wish I could be around to support her when the chemo starts.
  8. Shopped with Mom and Grandma.
  9. Gotten some lovely presents.
  10. Heard lots of stories about roving bears, wild turkeys, and bobcats starting to encroach on people's backyards and trash cans because of diminishing habitats.
  11. Spent an afternoon with my dearest friend from high school.
  12. Had lunch with two friends, former work-mates, and fellow cat-appreciators who also happen to be sisters.
  13. Eaten dinner with the beloved "extra aunt" who also was my first-grade teacher along with her husband and Mom and Dad.
  14. Over-eaten (without doing anything in the kitchen other than helping to clean up).
  15. Gotten my hair done.
  16. Visited my favorite Home Sod bookstore.
  17. Eaten some of the best pizza in the world.
  18. Tried (and spectacularly failed, in general) to explain what I'm doing with my life several dozen times.
  19. Fielded two uncomfortable, public questions about former significant others.
  20. Had my laundry done for me.
  21. Read a tiny bit for the thesis.
  22. Read a fair amount for my next class.
  23. Planned most (though by no means all) of my new syllabus.
  24. Commented on and mailed off a few papers.
  25. Answered a raft of emails.
  26. Written some blog posts.
  27. Saw Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong.
  28. Discussed it online over at Acephalous (short version: I'm not exactly crazy about it).
  29. Eaten barbecue.
  30. Read a novel.
It has been good.

But it's also time to head back: I have spent three mostly insomniac nights worrying about my prospectus, and about a life that sometimes seems a little stunted when I see so many people around me moving into new roles, experiences, and relationships while I feel as though I've stalled out. It's time to head back and find a way to get on with it so I can sleep a little more soundly at night, both during next year's holidays and between now and then.

And Boy Roomie reports that Mouse was wandering around my bedroom crying for me today. I've missed him terribly, too, and I can't wait to see him.