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Monday, December 12, 2005

Thank you! Now, let me send you presents, dammit!

Thanks, everybody, for the good thoughts and the lit candles mentioned in the comments to my last post. I appreciate them all, and it all helps.

After one particularly grumpy student got even more belligerent with me earlier today via email, it also helped to read Go Fug Yourself. And it helped to grade (albeit at a pace that would prompt a snail to sneer) in elizabeg's company earlier, too. And it helped to make holiday cards on Saturday.

Most of all, I think it will help to have this term behind me.

Now, many of you have not only helped with kind comments, but also with course reading suggestions. But I have seen no emails giving me addresses to which I may send a little material evidence of my gratitude. TGB has pointed out the possibility that I may be a serial killer in search of addresses from new victims. I submit that: (a) even if I were a serial killer, I am much too worn out and overworked to indulge in such labor-intensive hobbies right now; (b) since my vehicle is non-operational, it would be extremely difficult for me to stalk anybody who didn't happen to live along a Big City bus route; and (c) those who wish to retain their locational anonymity may feel free to offer me a work address, a third party's address, a post office box address, or what have you.

C'mon, y'all! I like to give people stuff. It cheers me up. Besides, I already bought some things to send you. So if you made a reading suggestion, please feel free to send me an address to which I can post it. The email address is