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Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm it!

Dr. V. tagged me for the Fours Meme, so--at the risk of making my blog into Meme Central--here goes. I've tried to avoid duplicating things I've said in other entries, so perhaps this won't be too terrifically dull for my more faithful readers.

Four Jobs You’ve Had
1) Salesperson in a folk art gallery/museum
2) Administrative position (and some PR work) for a public television network
3) Marketer for a dotcom company just before the bubble burst
4) Temp (And you know I have some stories about that: particularly since the agencies often liked to send me to "difficult clients" who made other temps leave in tears after half a day. Whee.)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1) Blade Runner
2) Alien
3) Margaret Cho: I'm the One that I Want
4) The Big Lebowski

Four Places You’ve Lived
Like Dr. V, I'm going with buildings, rather than cities, so as to maintain my top-secret identity.
1) A row-house that used to be part of a bacon factory
2) An apartment with a view of a 1970s-era, Disneyesque castle on a hill out back
3) Half of a large duplex, which I shared with The General, her husband, a lovely dog, and the three birds I had at the time
4) The Family Manse, which has an honest-to-God yard and which abuts on a partially wooded lot (this kind of thing seems amazing to me, now that I live in Big City)

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
I think this is only supposed to include current shows, but I don't have cable and my reception is awful, so I hardly watch anything now. Which means I have to cheat a little and will therefore start the list with my-very-favorite-ever-but-now-defunct show.
1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2) Battlestar Galactica
3) E! True Hollywood Story
4) VH1 Behind the Music

Four Places You’ve Been on Vacation
Hmm. I had to work hard to avoid geographical identity giveaways and duplicating places on the list three categories down.
1) New York City
2) Washington, D.C.
3) Charleston, South Carolina
4) Paris

Four Blogs You Visit Daily
I visit daily--and love--far too many blogs to pick four without feeling horrifically guilty.

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1) Rare filet mignon
2) Miso soup
3) Sag paneer
4) Buttermilk-fried chicken

Four Places You’d Rather Be
1) Inishmore, Ireland
2) Edinburgh, Scotland
3) Olympic National Park, Washington State
4) Luxor, Egypt (This is the only place on the list that I haven't visited before, but I've wanted to go there since I was at least five.)

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without
1) Johnny Cash--At Folsom Prison
2) Ella Fitzgerald--The Best of the Song Books
3) Whiskeytown--Stranger's Almanac
4) Jean Ritchie--Ballads from Her Appalachian Family Tradition

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
Like Dr. V, I haven't owned four vehicles. Unlike Dr. V, I can't add favorite running shoes to the list, either. So I'll, uh, add the two computers that got me onto the "internet superhighway." (And no, you don't even need to bother to tell me how goofy that is.)
1) A late-80s vintage, white Volvo sedan
2) A black, 1992 Ford Ranger pickup truck
3) Fujitsu N-series LifeBook
4) Sony Vaio notebook

Four Taggees
2) Grad Student Hack
4) New Kid