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Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor resignation; let's do something

Okay. She's resigned.

Now that I've finished teaching my first discussion sections of the summer session, I have time to actually start digesting the news I read first thing this morning. And I think I need some psychic antacids. Particularly since some very Handmaid's Tale-type scenarios keep flashing before my eyes. This really could mean, in the near or at least not-so-remote future, the rollback of American women's right to terminate dangerous and unwanted pregnancies. It really could mean that more women will die unnecessarily. It really could mean a world with more unwanted children in it.

The far right has already done a damn good job of preventing too many women from getting the health care they need--the unsavory fringe with its scare tactics and the more presentable portion by chipping around the edges of Roe v. Wade. Now they are set to appoint a new Justice who might help them do a more thorough job. And it may happen as early as next Tuesday.

Folks, we just cannot let a single, narrowly defined, rigid set of values control how our country works; especially when that set of values is deeply compromised by its lack of compassion for anyone who doesn't fit within its exacting mold. I know I, for one, often feel helpless; I don't even pay much attention to the news anymore because, irresponsible as I know that is, I just don't feel as though I can handle it. But there are things we can do to stop our country from becoming a theocracy, an unreflecting imperial power, a playground for the rich, and a hell for the poor.* And we should do them.

We can write to the Senators who are pledged to represent us. We can even do it with form letters; we just need to inundate those Washington offices until the overwhelming response can't be ignored.

And we can send money (even just a little) to or spend time helping the organizations (Save the Court, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, MoveOn and others) that will continue to fight these efforts.

And we can start reading up so we'll be able to write more informed letters and talk to people who need convincing in a more informed manner.

*In case, dear reader, you think this sentence is just empty rhetoric, please remind yourself that it's poor women who are most likely to be affected by this; wealthier women will manage to buy themselves a solution to dangerous and unwanted pregnancies, as they've done before.