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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Still tired

I have had all sorts of posting ideas: yet more belated poetry; shoe blogging; cat blogging; music blogging; an unfinished, complicated, and overdue rejoinder; ridiculous medievalist t-shirt ideas; and meditations on matters blogular, aestival, and aspirational.

And that is not to mention all your more recent comments, which I have left scandalously unanswered, though not unpondered.

My apologies for failing to deliver on any of the above. But I'm still bone-tired, and the energy reserves are low.

I also have a huge stinkin' pile of stuff to do during the next week and change: two sets of papers and a set of exams to grade, final grades to calculate, two short paleography assignments and a paleography exam to complete, and a book review to write up for publication. So I reckon I'd best be paying attention to, you know, all that.

I won't be posting for a while as I try to get through with everything. I'll be around, though, feeling oddly bereft and lonesome as I confront the towering stacks of books and papers which are likely to be my sole companions for the next five days or so. (I really must avoid feeding my steel-guitar addiction in the meantime; steel guitars do not provide the music of motivation for tired hearts and minds.)

Congrats and many happy returns of the season for those of you who've already embarked on your summers. May you suffer few distractions from the writing, researching, and conferencing most of you are probably hoping to get in while you're on hiatus from other obligations. May all of you have at least one good and guilt-free summer read in your near future. And may the livin' be a little easier for all of us.