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Monday, April 10, 2006

What's up

Yeah, so I'm not posting so much lately. That's likely to continue for a bit, seeing as how my exam falls on the 18th and this also happens to be the beginning of a new term, high season for applications various and sundry, tax time, and the period during which grad students have to figure out how they're going to put food on the table and keep paying rent during the summer. So I'm rushing around trying to put out lots of fires.

Best news I've had all day: Tax day has been pushed back to the 17th, since the 15th falls on a Saturday. Of course, that only delays the news that I'll somehow manage to owe the IRS a huge wad of cash, despite being pretty damn broke, by two days. But there you go. Small blessings are still blessings.

I am starving and must go in search of snack food until I can get home, since there is much ado at the library (recalls galore, among other things). More (though probably not much more) later.


UPDATE: Thank God for these. And thank God I had the sense to stash a few of them on campus. Honestly, I'm so hungry that I don't even care that I also ate one for lunch. In fact, I'm rather excited about discovering this site and am wondering whether buying a whole case isn't a good idea . . . .