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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nightmares really do come true

Uh-huh. 'Cause I was on campus, making penultimate edits to a print-out of the prospectus, happily printing out apparatus and cover letters, thinking I'd turn it all in by six (a bit late, yes, but I thought my committee members probably would forgive me) and head off for class at the dojang to work out all the angsty kinks in my back, when I discovered . . .

. . . that my computer had somehow managed to lose five pages of the nearly final draft and the back-up file.

Oh, joy.

Honestly, I almost lost it. I had to sorta hug myself and rock back and forth a little in my chair for a few seconds to keep from dissolving. But I didn't dissolve. I'm okay.

I took a break, moved to the grad lounge, since it's obviously gonna be a long evening, emailed my apologies to Master Fuzzy Slippers, and walked to the student union to buy dinner and some fancy envelopes to put the final product in. Hey, I figure if I'm gonna be this late, I might as well do it in style and on a full stomach.

I am hoping three things:
1) That most of my committee members won't really notice and that those who do will feel that a 12:01am deadline, rather than a 5pm deadline, is okay.
2) That I can stay alert enough not to type a welter of stupid typos and nonsensical sentences.
3) That Master Fuzzy Slippers will forgive me for missing three classes in a row (I already missed two because I was too sick to breathe well).

I am grateful for three things:
1) That Boy Roomie installed that printer.
2) That I printed a copy of the prospectus before I left the house.
3) That I am not lying on the floor blubbering and actually think this is kinda funny.