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Monday, April 03, 2006


Sixteen messy pages of prospectus narrative draft.

Two appendices which should be ready to go.

One very long bibliography which (I hope) has only a few items to add.

One long list of items to track down in the library once it (finally) re-opens tomorrow.

One wonderful Boy Roomie who hooked both our computers up to a working printer today.

One finalized class syllabus.

Five readings for next week located and ready to photocopy for my new students.

One lesson plan written and teaching materials gathered.

One set of final exams and one set of papers collated with a grading guide and placed in folders to be dropped off for last term's students to pick up.

One (of about five) readings done for the first meeting of the class I'm taking this quarter (ack!).

Three bags packed and ready to take to campus tomorrow.

Now I'm off to bed with a colored pen, the prospectus narrative draft, and a stack of feedback and info of various kinds that needs integrating into it.