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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Substantively Insubstantial. Or, What I'm Up To.

--this and
--about a fourth of this.

--this (yet again; Boy Roomie hadn't seen it, a state of affairs that had to be rectified) and
--this, at long last. (I've had it through Netflix since November; odd how one rarely seems to be in the mood for a postmodern reworking of bloody Elizabethan revenge tragedy. Even if the "one" in question rather likes said revenge tragedy. Verdict: Interesting, sometimes brilliant, but often weirdly over-done--which I'm not sure I knew was possible--and with a "rehabilitory" frame narrative that made me a little pukey).

On the home front:
--Assisting in the repair of one chronically broken and aging futon couch
--A bit of laundry
--Feebly battling the forces of entropy with the vague awareness that I ought to care a lot more.

Fretting about:
--Wearying politicking on several fronts.
--My inability to simply write said politicking off.
--Still not having done anything very concrete about this.
--My upcoming orange-belt test, for which I'm woefully underprepared.
--My continued impulse to eat whatever presents itself, especially if it involves chocolate (not, by the way, a craving I'm usually prey to).
--The piles of stuff littering my desk.
--The more than 100 emails in my inbox.
--Finding the motivation to grade stuff, prep my new syllabus and reader, and write my prospectus, now that I have the time.
--Wonder Woman's surgery this week.

Pleased about:
--Seeing an old friend from out of town this weekend.
--Rainy afternoons at home with Mouse, a novel, and cups of milky tea.
--Late afternoon naps.
--How much better I look when I've gotten enough sleep.
--Wearing an old barn jacket with a book slipped into the inside pocket.
--Finding a new angle of approach for the dissertation that promises some exciting reading/thinking in the future.
--The prospect of new research projects to pursue once the prospectus and defense are behind me.