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Monday, March 13, 2006

The end is nigh

So, I am still unsettled about that thing I mentioned in the last post, but I have written and rewritten the application until I really can't imagine how else to make it better, and many kind but sharp-eyed people have read it over to help me. So that is all I can do.

A big thank-you to the kind but sharp-eyed folks, and yet another to those of you who offered your sympathies and encouragement. Your help means a great deal to me.

Even if I don't get the fellowship I was hoping for, as Morgan reminded me, I now have a good application ready for the other funding sources that are still available. And I also have been forced to answer some important questions about what I'm trying to do in the first place, which will only benefit me as I finalize the prospectus and prepare for the exam.

Though I wish I'd known about the potential, hidden criteria for this fellowship earlier, at least I knew early enough to apply for the few things that are still available--including non-teaching jobs which might be less draining and time-consuming.

Meanwhile, having been thrown off course by this means I'm behind in getting feedback to my students' paper drafts. And it's feedback that's sorely needed, let me tell you. I also have half an overdue set of papers to grade for them. And, of course, there's the fellowship application to print out and turn in.

A student wants to meet with me at 6:30 this evening, which may be do-able, if I'm being especially charitable. Several more have emailed to ask for--or demand, in one case--meetings earlier today which I can't manage, and they're annoyed enough that I expect my "accessibility" rating to plummet on my evaluations. La.

Man. Gotta love the end of the term, right?

I am grateful that it will be over soon. With some luck, I will have all my students' work in hand by Thursday and will be able to focus on grading, planning, and writing. Glorious.