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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just Checking In

The Wiseass Professional To-Do list from this weekend:
--Write draft of dissertation fellowship application due in the middle of the month and send to Kindly Prof and Second Reader
--Write draft of travel fellowship application due in the middle of the month and send to Kindly Prof and Second Reader
--Write paper abstract for conference (due Tuesday)
--Send all the above drafts to sympathetic friends who might be willing and able to proofread them for me.
--Re-read texts assigned to my comp students for Tuesday
--Grade one set of quizzes
--Grade one set of papers

I have finished all but the last two items and must now, somehow, complete those tasks and come up with a decent lesson plan by 4pm tomorrow--without skipping class at the dojang.


Really, I was doing a pretty good job of keeping on task by playing Absent-Minded-and-Perhaps-Even-Vaguely-Discourteous with pretty much everyone who crossed my path, by not returning a hell of a lot of phone calls and emails (for which I apologize, if any of you happen to be among the ranks of the neglected), and by wearing whatever happened to be lying around my bedroom when I got up in the mornings. But one of those applications took much, much longer to research and write than I'd thought it would, so I got thrown off my pace.

All of which is to say to you, my blogfriends, that I may have to absent myself from your company for a few more days. But I promise to return and reply to all your recent comments, as well as read entries over at your places, just as soon as I can.