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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A question

Okay, so here's an intriguing little mystery:

KindlyProf has given me the gratifying news that students are singing my praises to him, coupled with the rather odd news that every single one of these praise-singers has been male. KP asked whether I had an unusually high proportion of men in my class, and I told him I thought I actually had a few more women.

In fact, after checking my rolls, I find that I have only about 1/3 men and 2/3 women, so my curiosity has been piqued. Is it possible, as I proposed to KP, that men may just feel more comfortable with voicing an opinion (whether positive or negative) of their instructors?

I suppose it's also possible that my female students simply don't like my teaching style as much, but I really think I have pretty good rapport with at least those women who've been coming to see me during office hours, and women do seem to be speaking up in class.

What do you think, O Internets? I seek your wisdom.