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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Over and out

The first two days of the new term have come and gone. I spent most of them in varying states of denial and was flat-out crabby on Friday for no discernable reason other than being just plain unprepared to start teaching again.

But I am guardedly optimistic: This is an upper-division course, so I will not feel compelled to do so much hand-holding. And, indeed, I have some reason to hope that it might not even be necessary. I also have at least four students I've taught before, two of whom are particular favorites of mine, and there seem to be some bright and eager sparks among the students I don't already know. I also have an anxious Dubliner who's trying to figure out how to negotiate the American university system, and I was able to reassure her by talking her through some of the differences. My inner Mama Hen is glad that student's in my section so I can keep an eye on her. Cluck, cluck.

There is no denying, though, that I'm worn out and not at all up to speed. I have just about zippo ambition and very little stick-to-it-iveness. Given the opportunity, I'd gladly read more novels, watch more movies, eat some more, hang around with friends, dally with Geek Boy, and nuzzle Mouse. Not to mention sleep. I think I could literally sleep for days.

Which is why it's good that I'll head back to the Old Homestead for a week on Wednesday. I need some down-time, I need to get some perspective, and there are some people I really need to see. I'm also relieved to be heading into some real fall weather for a change. Of course, this trip will probably mean I'll loads of work when I come back, but such is the way of the world.

I won't post much--if at all--for the next little while as I get ready for the trip, try to tie up loose ends, pack, and do my traveling. Perhaps, given the high crank-factor of my recent entries, this is a good thing.

When I come back, I will have to get down to business (prospective writing, truck mending, and so on) with a vengeance, and I'll probably be back to blogging with a vengeance, too.

Walk softly, carry a big stick, and may the road rise to meet you. Or something like that. I'll see ya'll in a while.