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Monday, September 19, 2005

You have reached the Wiseass's blog . . . .

. . . She's not in right now, because, now that class presentations for the Nameless Summer Program are complete, she's got so much grading to do and so many varied and panic-inducing errands / projects / deadlines / emails / phone calls to look after before the new school year begins that she is alternating between states of panic, exhaustion, and blinkered concentration. This effect is particularly pronounced because she suspects she may be coming down with another bout of a narsty sumpin'-er-other and is therefore trying to get most of her work done done before the viral varmint asserts itself. If she was supposed to call or email you sometime in the not-too-distant past, she deeply apologizes and fervently hopes that she will manage to catch up with you soon. She wishes to assure you that it isn't because she doesn't love you.

In the meantime, here are three propositions culled and adapted from Those Who Dwell in the Grad Lounge as being potentially blogworthy:

1) There should be more anti-Dr. Phil websites. Perhaps even a blog named "I Blame Dr. Phil?" (Although perhaps Dr. Phil-blaming is really just a subset of patriarchy-blaming?)

2) Canadian literature does, in fact, exist apart from Margaret Atwood.

3) "Superbowl 40" (known to the Romans among us as "Superbowl XL") should, instead, be advertised as "Superbowl Extra-Large."

Feel free to discuss these propositions amongst yourselves. I expect the Canadians among you could be particularly helpful concerning item #2.

The Wiseass will check in with you later on this week.