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Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina and Divinity

Over at Twisty's place, Winter of Mind the Gap posted a comment which I think provides pretty much the best possible riposte to the mindlessly self-righteous jackasses who've been preaching that Hurricane Katrina was the result of God's wrath at our "unholy" national values (and no, they're not referring to our current president's foreign policy), at the "decadence" of New Orleans, or at least an instane of "His severe mercy" or the "withholding of His blessings":

I never have been able to figure out why so many people want to believe in a God who seems to be little more than a stupid, but clearly dangerous, psychopath. But, I guess it all comes back to that old adage "People make God in their own image." It tells us nothing about God and everything we need to know about the people who create him - people who believe thousands of poor black people should be drowned because of homosexuality and abortion.

Amen, sister.

And I also think the best proof that God does not go around vengefully smiting people is that the Rev. Fred Phelps and other similar jerkwads--who blaspheme divinity daily by asserting that it's made in the image of their own unbelievably stunted mindsets--are not currently a tiny, greasy patch of smoking earth. That, my friends, is evidence of divine mercy.