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Friday, September 16, 2005

Winding down (at last)

So, I just worked my last day at the archiving job, at least until after the next term, when I plan to come back after I complete the teaching gig I'd agreed to. It was a bit of an odd send-off, since my boss had forgotten it was my last day, but I nonetheless managed to get things into some sort of shape so that the two people who'll begin working on the project in about a week will be able to figure out what's going on.

Now I still have to write another paper abstract, find a way to fax a form over to some folks as an addendum to the first abstract, and grade my students' group work. As you can guess, I wasn't able to stay up for very long after I wrote my post last night, and I was right in my prediction that I'd never get up early enough to complete the work I needed to do. So I'm behind, and I'm determined to get these two things off my plate tonight. But afterward, I'm going straight to bed and staying there until I feel like getting out of it, which will probably be sometime early tomorrow afternoon.

Today was officially the last day for my Nameless Summer Program class, but most of the students still have a formal debate project due on Monday and then there will be the grading to wrestle with. So I'm not out of the woods on that one yet, but I'm getting there.

Thank God. I really don't know if I could have done this for much longer.


UPDATE: It's now 7pm, and the second abstract is on its merry way through cyberspace. Now I'm off to find some food, a Kinko's, and a bus home. My game plan is to be home by 8:30, grading in bed with a tumbler of whiskey on the rocks nearby.