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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Silly Names and Past Lives: Because yesterday's goofy superhero post wasn't enough.


Wiseass's Aliases

Your movie star name: Cheese Whiz James
Your fashion designer name: Ancrene Edinburgh
Your socialite name is Princess Dublin
Your fly girl / guy name is A Wis
Your detective name is Cat Reynolds
Your barfly name is Chex Mix Whiskey
Your soap opera name is Tracy Beverly
Your rock star name is Sweet Tarts Shinkansen
Your star wars name is Ancmou Wisjon
Your punk rock band name is The Scattered Whiffle Bat

Just to prove my complete lack of originality today, I've ripped this off from Morgan, too.

(I really, really like my Rock Star Name a whole lot. The Movie Star Name ain't bad, either, though I think it sounds more like a parody of a blues singer's nickname.)
I struck out on my own to take this quiz, though:
In a Past Life...
You Were: An Obese Beekeeper.
Where You Lived: Australia.
How You Died: Dysentery.