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Monday, October 24, 2005

Dance dance dance

My to-do lists are mad at me, so I will not attempt to be serious, profound, or even reasonably engaged with the world at large in today's post.

Instead, I bring you this dancing cat video, courtesy of Morgan.

I defy you not to laugh.

UPDATE--More cat stuff in the form of an anecdote for the Mouse fans, adapted from a comment I originally posted over at Badger's in response to this post:

I recently started feeding Mouse (who's developed a bit of avoirdupois) canned diet food. Mouse is very sweet tempered, so he put up with it for a while, though he didn't eat much of it. After about a week, though, he picked up some of it, carried it over another small bowl of dry food, and smeared it all over the kitchen floor.

When I saw it, Mouse looked up at me very solemnly. I said "Point taken" and cleaned it up. He purred and rubbed up against my legs while I wiped the linoleum.

I'm mixing the diet food with a little non-diet food now, to make it taste better: he seems to be accepting that as a fair compromise.