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Friday, July 08, 2005


Ack. I have been so busy for the last three or four days that I'm not sure, half the time, where my head is. Maybe I'll get lucky like St. Edmund and a wolf will miraculously protect it until it can be rejoined to the rest of me.

If that comment made no sense to you and you don't want to read the document you find through the link above, you can just take it as an indication of the sorts of associative non sequiturs through which I'm stringing my days together until I can sit still in one place long enough to sort things out.

Trying to figure out scheduling is always a nightmare during your first week on a part-time job with shared workspace. It's even worse if you're trying to juggle two jobs, moving in a new roommate, and spending every moment you can spare using the car your friend lent you for the week to run errands. It's worse yet if the professor you're teaching for decides for rather whimsical reasons to collapse four discussion sections into two, thereby changing schedules and class rosters and causing you to have to re-do half of what you did the last week for six new students. And when you're trying to figure out how in the world you're going to manage to do your own work, for which deadlines are looming, too.

Moreover, once I do work out a schedule and get used to it, it will change all over again, because I'll be teaching a new course with a new schedule in four weeks.

While I could wish things would slow down just a bit (until I re-locate my head, at least), I'm actually more grateful than not for the frenetic pace. I had lots of enforced down-time last weekend, and that was not a good thing.