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Monday, July 11, 2005

Platonism as applied to accessories, Part 3 of 3

Not long ago, there was an email circulating which contained a list of accessories any self-sufficient woman ought to have. Two of them were (1) a fancy black bra and (2) a drill. Since I certainly strive to embody the Platonic Ideal of the Self-Sufficient Woman in all things, including my accessory choices, I am proud to submit positive photographic proof that I now have both these items.

And the very lovely Ireland Roomie deserves much gratitude, since she and her also-lovely husband provided the Home Depot, "un-wedding" gift card that allowed me to buy the drill.

I know the orange and the mauve clash a bit; I could have achieved better color coordination if I'd gotten a Ryobi drill, which also would've come with a built-in level and a battery-powered stud finder, both of which were tempting. Especially the latter, since I could use a stud or two. (Yes! Thank you! I'll be here all week!) But, ultimately, I just tust Black and Decker more, and a girl's gotta have a drill she can trust.

This (i.e., displaying my underwear online, even if untenanted) may also serve as an example of the sort of thing I'd never post on my blog if I weren't anonymous. I apologize to the handful of you who actually know who I am.

DISCLAIMER: No Boy Roomie was implicated or psychologically scarred in the making of this photo. I waited until he had gone to bed and shut the door behind him before taking it.