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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In which I really, really geek out

I've been away for a while and terrible about responding to comments. I'm sorry! I had all kinds of ideas about writing a monster post concerning what's going on with me and how I'm having to reconstruct my personality in order to get my dissertation written and how that's probably making me a much better person and all. But personality reconstruction is hard work, y'all, so I'm pouring a lot of time into it. And thus, the post is not getting written, at least not right now.

But I do have news to share: It's payday, and I just bought a longbow!

I am so deliriously excited about this. Seriously. Bring on the SCA jokes, 'cause I really don't care. Besides, as I've recently been (re-)learning, SCA-types know some shit.

For example, wanna know how to make duello gloves? Look here for a set of directions, complete with citations and diagrams.

Got rusted armor? Help is available!

A few other gems I've found lately (just don't ask, okay?):

--Want to find out how to reconstruct clothes found on the bog people of northern Europe? Check this out.

--Did you, like me, want to grow up to be Tom Baker's incarnation of Doctor Who? Well, here's your chance to at least imitate him sartorially.

--Need big hair fast? Just look here!

And, by the way, if any of you are interested in equipping a dungeon, here's your source. (By the way, some of the reconstructed clothing available at that site is seriously drool-worthy.)