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Friday, July 21, 2006

Shoe Friday

Some of you will probably have noticed that I've been rather remiss in my Poetry Friday postings lately. Many more of you will have noticed that I'm sometimes rather neurotic. This means that selecting just the right thing to post can take me a very long time. While that means I get an excuse to spend several hours reading poetry, it also means that I might be neglecting other duties. And that I don't always have a chance to find you a nice bit of poem in time.

Meanwhile, particularly following the 'Zoo, I remember that there was much curiosity about my shoes, and Mouse is (deservedly) a perennial blog favorite. So I hereby pledge to you that, on Fridays, I will post for you either a nifty poem, a selection from my shoe collection, or a photo and/or anecdote about one large and rather skittish orange tom cat. That way, I'll be more likely to keep my promises, I'll get an excuse to show off both shoes and Mouse more often, and I might even manage to entertain a few of you in the process.

To that end, here's my first Shoe Friday entry. These are an informal entry, clearly not in line with the rather stratospherically high heels which piqued people's interest back in May, but I am particularly proud of these. That's not only because of their splendid, flirting-with-tragedy color scheme and their ties to my elementary-school days,* but also because they cost me a mere $18.



* I have to admit that I almost miss the Velcro closures on the pockets, which have been replaced by zippers. Remember how nuts everyone was about Velcro in the 80s? My poor elementary-school librarian had to resort to making everyone remove the ubiquitous pairs of Roos before beginning story time. Otherwise, her voice was drowned out by the constant "skrrrip, skrrrip" of kids messing with the Velcro on their shoes.