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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How much do I love "So You Think You Can Dance?"

So much that I will stand in front of my television set in positions of varying awkwardness, manually adjusting the antennae sitting on top of it every 30 seconds or so, and even hold them in the only position that will keep the picture from rolling, gritting my teeth through the inevitable forearm cramping.

The whole time I am cursing the Local Cable Fascists for charging $40 per month for basic access and saving the choicest words for the Bermuda Triangle of TV we happen to live in. GAH!

May I admit to you my deep and guilty love for the Paso Doble? Why must an insanely macho dance about murdering bulls be so damn sexy? And despite my general dislike of Contemporary and my profound loathing for Celine Dion, I have to say that Mia Michaels is one hell of a choreographer.

While I'm in the process of making proclamations, I have been watching closely as often as I can for weeks now, and I've made up my mind. I declare allegiance to Donyelle.

Love. Her.